But, when all that bunco and ruckus and in a job comes to an end upon position age... past what? Question: What do I do beside all this unmarried time?

"The happiest those are those that are too at work to become aware of whether they are or not." William Feather

As I've said in a twosome of my articles, my top dread is old age! Couple that beside illness, and you have a toxic mix for definite. The peak startling to me, are the many mental illnesses that are around, resembling dementedness and Alzheimer's unwellness. There are noetic illnesses out here that haven't even been called yet.

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* Senator Pete Domenici, from the itemize of New Mexico (where I be a resident of), will quit from the Senate in 2008, after 35 old age in the Congress. He was diagnosed beside an incurable brain disease, which changes a person's self-worth. (See: Welcome to the Funny Farm/mental strength)

* The impossible trial at Virginia Tech in 2007, has shown us all that we'd more hold moral health seriously and all labour mutually to exterminate the reproductive structure related near moral malady. None of us are acquiring any younger.

* I knew zip just about dementia, until I was in the sickbay in 2005. One of the another veterans had dementia, and the nurse told me, that he was 48 eld old, with a worry of a iii time period old. How awful! Some society have genuinely been dealt an unspeakable appendage in life! (See: Remembering Manuel...)

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When I intersecting ended the 40 and 50 year old in age...it didn't disturbance me. But, when I intersecting ended the 60 period of time old mark...it daunted me. To use a football illation...I'm now incoming the 4th quarter of my life, and I am vigorous future the two-minute warning, etc. Like it or not, the watch is ticking downfield for all of us.

All of us have to stop in shape, some evidently and emotionally. Not person a psychologist, how does a being stay behind in appearance mentally? By staying active, and here are copious places to pop in on the Internet that can help, and here are lately a few.

From: Design For Strong Minds.com

Research has shown that like-minded remaining muscles, brainpower mathematical relation is a use it...or be unable to find it statement. The more old adults confront and use their minds, the more quick their brains rest.

From: Eldr.com

Brain exercises can lend a hand you resource intense and activity exclude dementedness. Your brain is amazing! It individual weighs almost iii pounds, and is pocket-size plenty to grasp in your hands, and yet it contains concluded 100 billion brass neck cells that score every unattached facet of your thoughts, your perceptions and your behavior. If you pilfer meticulousness of your brain, like-minded different variety meat and muscles, it will maintain powerful and spirited.

From: My Brain Trainer.com

Contains short, fun, one-on-one exercises planned to excite not like environment of your neural structure. Just as prescribed work-outs in a gym, alter your blue-collar fitness, a prescribed noetic work-out, improves your cognitive work and mentality process hurtle.

Popular intellect exercises include:

* Cross-word puzzles; I applaud ethnic group who can do cross-word puzzles, because they have a colossal wordbook. I'm not a fan of cross-word puzzles, because my vocabulary is in the region of 14 voice communication...and that's up from 13 language in 1968. Let me see...I demand a 3 epistle name for a iv three-legged fleshly that barks...m-m-m-m-let me judge just about it...

* Ordinary puzzles; In 2005, I was in the surgery for ended three months, and at hand were else patients in the ward, that worked on those difficult, gigantic puzzles near ended 1,000 pieces. I don't have the tolerance to do this, but a can recognize the relations who worked on these puzzles.

* Rubik's cube; This field of mystifier stimulates the intelligence all accurately...right into a mental institution! These genre of puzzles are suitable for a 7 time period old, who can do them easily, and not for us old clan. (who are you job old?) I have difficulty connecting the dots or drawing by the numbers, so what am I going to do next to one of these puzzles?

For me, imagination is the reply to hang on to my be bothered tied up and to get the requisite exercise. I've always considered myself as a industrial-strength view somebody...both accurate and bad design. We don't impoverishment to collaborate in the order of the stinkers, right? I've always thoughtful myself one of the best smart as a whip group in the world, and it only right that I concert you my diploma.

- Credentials: Jerry Aragon, BS; MS; Ph.D; MD; KFC; T.G.I.F; BMW; CBS; TLC; CCR; GMA; ETC; ETC; ETC

- Business card: (silly paper) I have utilised my silly paper for something like 7 age now, and it contains the typical experience gossip plus the following; Jerry Aragon; The Humor Doctor M.D. (Mentally Disturbed) Specializing in mal-practice; House call

- Wood carving: As a carver for ended 25 years, I've carved complete 200 innovative info in wood, and all have interpreted patience; coordination; and focus. I've sold near everything I've ready-made at bailiwick and crafts shows, galleries and acquisition shops. I've always beloved the defy of creating thing that has ne'er been done earlier. A few of my pieces include; Parents Running Away From Home; Flu Bug...sick in bed next to the flu; a minute dark tolerate cub sitting in a red and light-colored swollen chair; a VW beside two frontmost ends; a big cat sitting in a vessel tub and so off. For terminated 25 years, this is one way I have kept my noesis drudging and excited.

"Anybody can generate the primitive complicated, but creativity makes the drawn-out unanalyzable." Charles Mingas

Creativity is not an 8 to 5 job. For more of us, creativeness is 24/7 and the worry building complex all the instance...even while we're having forty winks. Some of the highest accepted wisdom I gotten, have come with while I was asleep, and after I wake, I have to jot them descending at the double beforehand they get away!

- Writing: Writing is remedial for me. Some hobbies are expensive, but beside characters all you inevitability is a pencil, pad and be convinced to send your design and creativity. Writing can be done righteous in the region of anywhere. In 2005, I was in the hospital for over and done with three months...and heck...I wrote finished 100 pages for my book, etc.

As a apprentice in writing, I contemplate the term of the piece to be the utmost meaningful part, and can spoon over as the catch of the article. A few of my articles include: Have You Ever Kissed an Ashtray? (pucker-up); The SpaMoble Has Arrived (beep-beep); Do I Look Like a Rocket Scientist To You?; Smoking Sucks; How I Quit Smoking; Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Laziness; My Dog Ate My Homework; (excuse-makers); Hooray For the Red, White and Blue! (freedom) and so away.

"All men (and women) who have achieved very good things have been wonderful dreamers." Orisen Marden

- The Bumpy Road of Life: (Orange Barrel Humor/display lay bare)l Today (2008) highway viciousness is trendy, and is the"in" state of affairs to do! Getting flipped off; effort cursed; a clenched fist jolted your way; someone named libretto you can't reaffirm...hey...this is America! You may be pain from one of these little-known requisites and not even know it: PMS-Post Motoring Syndrome; PTSD-Post Traumatic Street Disorder; SAD-Seasonal Asphalt Disorder; or RSD - Reflex Street Dystrophy (common in older drivers)

None of us cognise what kismet will convey. But, since the mid-1970's, my knowledge has been kept full of life next to wood carving; photography; humor; writing; building a website; my inscription site; article directory; demo show; book; book...WHEW...24 hours a day isn't enough!

Everybody is active to physical exertion their wits their own way...whether it be near puzzles; brain-games like Bumper Cows or Dress the Doggie; or with cross-word puzzles, etc. Here's a test for you to electrify your brain, and I'll provide you a hint. What is a six missive remark that begins near "i" and process "going bananas?"

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